"Pearl" Blue Merle Female..My daddy Jeff needs me home! I am "Indigo"

"Tiffany" Blue Merle Female...I get to be spoiled by Amanda!!!

"Star" Black Tri Female...I get to go home with my mommy, Julie! oh, and I'm Charlie!


"Crystal" BlueMerle Female

I get to live with my sissy...Diamond aka Scout and my name shall be Luna

"Opal" Blue Merle Female...Georgia is my new name. Pretty soon I''ll be playing frisbee withAnalise, Ariella and Benjamin!!!I can hardly wait!!!

"Diamond" Black Tri Female ...I have a new family and my name is "Scout"!!!!

"Jade"...Corrina and her family are taking me home soon!!!

"Sterling" Blue MerleMale...My new daddy, Jake, is calling me "Dante"

"Onyx" Blue Merle Male...Gianni and Sho love me already!!

"Silver" BlueMerle Male..my new name is "Sutton" and my mommy loves me!!!

Our Christmas/Winter Litter....

Gold "Goldy" Blue Merle Male with Copper Points soon to be loved by Beth and Nate.."Rooney"

"Pfeffernusse"...Pepper...Black Bi Femal...My mom, Katie is taking me home soon!

"Coal"  Black Tri Male...I am living the life, mom, dad, kids, chickens.....!!!

"Faith" Blue Merle Female...Julio and Stacy love me already.......

"Hope" Black Bi Female ( black and white) My new job is to bring joy to my new mom, Joanne.....She loves me already!!!

"Joy" Blue Merle Female...My new name is "Skye Joy" and my new mom and dad, Julie and Nic, have waited a long time to find me and take me home!

Frankincense..."Frankie" Blue Merle Male...I am loved by Denise

Love.."Lovie" Black Bi Female (Black and White)....I have a new family with Diane and I am so happy!

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(714) 473-3114


Orange, California

Kalispell, Montana

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