Our puppies are priced from 2000.00 to 2800.00 depending on markings and eye color. Merles and Blue Eyed Tri's are priced on the higher end.  Our puppies are able to be registered in the American Kennel Club as Miniature American Shepherds.

( Included is puppy vaccinations to age 16 weeks,  microchipping and CERF ophthalmic exams at the eye clinic. )

I do keep a running wait list for future puppies.  I do not take deposits on puppies that are not yet born.  I do my family puppy visits at age 5-6 weeks for you to meet and pick out your puppy and for me to meet my new families.  I love to "talk dogs"!   Please call if you have questions and are interested in a new family member or reach out on Facebook Messenger.  Please realize that I do have family and work obligations and may need to return your call on my days off to  "talk dogs"  Thank you!


  Our Sweet Little Treat  Litter!   Look at those Red Heads!
This is our last litter of puppies...they have all settled into their new homes....

Red Tri Boy

Cocoa Puff

AKA  "Cocoa".....I am going to be cuddled by Marley and Nash!!!


Red Tri Boy

Hershey's Kiss

AKA "Hershey"

I am going to be loved by Julie!

And...my sister Nori from the

mom and dad!

Red Merle Boy

"Hot Tamale!!!" I am Melanie's first ever puppy and she is so excited to take me home... and call me Ozzie!

Blue Merle Boy

Sour Patch Kid

AKA "Patches"   May and her mom are so excited to bring me home and meet my brother Kubo!

Red Merle Boy

Chocolate Pudding

AKA ..."Puddin" 

I am going to join my brother Mako in a few weeks with Lauren and Travis!

Light Blue Merle Girl

"Sprinkles".....I have my forever home!

Blue Merle Girl - Dark

Blueberry Muffin

AKA " Blueberry" 

I  am going to have a big Aussie as a new sister...Debbie and Mike are naming me Saylor!

Our Little Spring Babies...These puppies are from our spring 202o litter and have settled into their homes!

My name is Tucker and I am going to be loved by Terrilee.  I am already a spoiled puppy!

My name is Oolong and I am on hold for Chealsey. Aren't I sweet?

My bodyguard!!!  The giant white fluffball is our livestock guardian dog, Angie.  Angie is a Maremma Sheepdog and her job is to protect our small dogs and puppies, goats and chickens from coyotes.


Orange, California

Kalispell, Montana

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