Our puppies are priced from 1850.00 to 2500.00 depending on markings and eye color. Merles and Blue Eyed Tri's are priced on the higher end.  Our puppies are able to be registered in the American Kennel Club as Miniature American Shepherds.

( Included is puppy vaccinations to age 16 weeks,  microchipping and CERF ophthalmic exams at the eye clinic. )

I do keep a running wait list for future puppies.  I do not take deposits on puppies that are not yet born.  I do my family puppy visits at age 5-6 weeks for you to meet and pick out your puppy and for me to meet my new families.  I love to "talk dogs"!   Please call if you have questions and are interested in a new family member or reach out on Facebook Messenger.  Please realize that I do have family and work obligations and may need to return your call on my days off to  "talk dogs"  Thank you!


Please note: The above paragraph is my usual routine for puppy visits....due to the Corona Virus protocols, I will most likely be changing our puppy visit protocol and this is in flux right now.  I do have a full wait list at this time but I can refer you to friends that have puppies due soon. 

Our new babies... our cold winter nights  litter.....

Black Tri Female

White Snip on nose...



Black Tri Female

"Starbucks"   AKA " Star"

Blue Merle Male


Black Tri Male

"Two Socks"

Red Tri Female

" Cocoa"

Blue Merle Female


Black Tri Female


Red Merle Female


Red Merle Male


Blue Merle Male


Our Little Angels Christmas Litter

Black Tri Boy "Michael"

Aka "Mikey"

Blue Merle Male "Uriel"

Red Merle Male "Gabriel"

Red Tri Female " Angel"

Blue Merle Male "Raphael"

Blue Merle Male "Snowball"

Photo coming soon...Red Merle Male "Gideon"

My bodyguard!!!  The giant white fluffball is our livestock guardian dog, Angie.  Angie is a Maremma Sheepdog and her job is to protect our small dogs and puppies, goats and chickens from coyotes.


Orange, California

Kalispell, Montana

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