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Visiting my Godson !!

This is my Godson, Gunner, belonging to my best friend, Kathy...if you come to our pet hospital, he will be happy to greet you and he loves visiting his friends on his visits to Olde Towne Orange!

Our family has had so many wonderful dogs that have blessed our lives.... Rescues, purebreds, large and small, from youngster Dobermans and German Shepherds to poodle mixes and a little naughty rescued  Chihuahua.  Then we had our first Mini Aussie, Fiona, and we fell in love with this breed.  The Mini Aussie has loyalty, intelligence, and playfulness, all in a small package!  From that cute little "butt wiggle" to the "jump-in-air and spin" you will love your Mini Aussie as a pet companion or a great little ranch dog!   

Our puppies are raised in our home in Southern California,  cuddled and loved from their first day, and socialized with other dogs, cats, and small children.

Our puppies have a health guarantee, veterinary examination, current vaccinations & deworming & microchipping. Our sires and dams  have been genetically tested for breed specific heritable problems and are matched with tested stud dogs so you can be assured of a healthy and happy new family member!

I have been a veterinarian  for 35 years, and  raising our puppies has brought a new joy to my life.  I truly love each and every one of them, and work to provide a wonderful match and home with their new families.  Thank you for entrusting us to raise your new family member.

                                                     PUPPY CULTURE

Using Jane Killion's training protocols, we start Early Neurologic Stimulation, weaning pen stimulation, and Problem Prevention Protocols, to help our puppies pass through the critical developmental stages in these important first 8 weeks of their little lives...Our goal is not just to raise well-socialized puppies, but resilient, out- going family members that can handle life's challenges with confidence.  In the end, the puppies have teach us more than we teach them!


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