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        Our Dog Family....



                                        Yes!!!! We have puppies!


                                           Give  use a call!

Please call  and  we can chat ....(714)473-3114 or text me and leave a message.  ( please realize I receive patient, personal and puppy family messages on my phone and I will call when I have a few minutes to talk.  Thanks!!!

Little Man Show Picture.jpg

"I'm Your Huckleberry, Too"

AKA " Little Man"

 We expect great things from this little cowboy! What we love about this guy...super, super  sweet, very nice and correct bone structure and.... that blue eye! He is a golden retriever in Aussie clothing!

Sire: AKC CH KickinAuss Destiny's Muddy Waters   "Mojo"

Dam: AKC CH KickinAuss Hot n Blue Sizzle      "Sabrina"

Pawprint Genetics/ Breed Panel-Full Clear; CERF- clear 4/21/2021

OFA- Hips-good, Elbows-normal, Patellas-normal, Eyes-clear

Generously Co-owned with Terri Dickerson


KickinAuss Pray for Grace AKA "Gracie"

Sire: AKC CH Moonbaby's Ready to Strike "Gadson"

Dam: AKC Bronze CH Moonbaby's Off Like a Rocket HSAS...."Rocket"


Purty, Purty, Agile and Sweet!  

Paw Print Genetics- Breed Panel-MDR1 Carrier

Cerf- Clear 2/7/2022

OFA-Elbows-normal, Eyes-normal, Hips-Excellent

Generously co-owned with Terri Dickerson    


AP Ranch Meet Me in Montana ("Monte")
Monte is a confident, fun, athletic tri female, she is 17 and 1/2 inches at the shoulder and 24 pounds.  She has soft amber eyes and a silky coat. She loves to frequent horse shows and in the evening, wrap around our necks on the back of the sofa.  Smart and Athletic ; She is Star's daughter.
Paw Print Genetics Breed Panel-MDR1/CEA/HC Clear/ PRA carrier (not affected)
CERF Exams- Clear ( 2018)
OFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal
AP Ranch Dancin' the Night Away ("Peyton")
( Born on Super Bowl Sunday...)
Peyton is a lovely and gentle soul, Blue Merle and Black, genetic tested and CERF screened.17 inches at the shoulder, 28 pounds.  She is active but has such a very sweet disposition and passes that loving disposition and those piercing blue eyes to her puppies.
17 inches
28 pounds ( of love!)
Paw Print Genetics Breed Panel- Clear
OFA Hips Good/ Elbows Normal
CERF Exams - Clear (2018)
" I'm Your Huckleberry".... call name Dillon ( D Bug, D Boy, D Man , the Big D, The Marshall!)
AKC Miniature American Shepherd.
Welcome to the clan, Dillon!
What we love about this boy.......He has a sweet, lower drive disposition, a beautiful coat, lovely movement, good ear set and great bone...and those freckles!!!
18 inches and 42 pounds, he is a hunka hunka burnin' love for sure!
Clear MDR1/PRA/HC/CEA......HU Carrier ( not affected)
OFA hips/patellas/elbows preliminary good
OFA Eye/CERF clear

AKC  Double M Ranch "Come'n Marshall Give Miss Kitty a Kiss" AKA Kitty.. Paw Print Full Aussie Panel clear, OFA elbows clear/ OFA hips clear/CERF clear..Kitty Kat is little but sassy, 14 inches and 25 pounds. 

Dam: AP Ranch "Dancin' the Night Away"

Sire: AP Ranch " Oso Beary Blue"

Willow and I are at our first dog show.j
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