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        Our Dog Family....

We have puppies!!! See our puppy page and give us a call!





Please call  and  we can chat ....(714)473-3114 or text me and leave a message.  ( please realize I receive patient, personal and puppy family messages on my phone and I will call when I have a few minutes to talk.  Thanks!!!)

Little Man Show Picture.jpg

"I'm Your Huckleberry, Too"

AKA " Little Man"

 We expect great things from this little cowboy! What we love about this guy...super, super  sweet, very nice and correct bone structure and.... that blue eye! He is a golden retriever in Aussie clothing!

Sire: AKC CH KickinAuss Destiny's Muddy Waters   "Mojo"

Dam: AKC CH KickinAuss Hot n Blue Sizzle      "Sabrina"

Pawprint Genetics/ Breed Panel-Full Clear; CERF- clear 4/21/2021

OFA- Hips-good, Elbows-normal, Patellas-normal, Eyes-clear

Generously Co-owned with Terri Dickerson


KickinAuss Pray for Grace AKA "Gracie"

Sire: AKC CH Moonbaby's Ready to Strike "Gadson"

Dam: AKC Bronze CH Moonbaby's Off Like a Rocket HSAS...."Rocket"


Breed Panel-MDR1 Carrier

Cerf- Clear 2/7/2022

OFA-Elbows-normal, Eyes-normal, Hips-Excellent

Generously co-owned with Terri Dickerson    


Starting agility with this awesome girl!     

AP Ranch Meet Me in Montana ("Monte")

Monte is a confident, fun, athletic tri female, she is 17 and 1/2 inches at the shoulder and 24 pounds.  She has soft amber eyes and a silky coat. She loves to frequent horse shows and in the evening, wrap around our necks on the back of the sofa.  Smart and Athletic ; She is Star's daughter.
Paw Print Genetics Breed Panel-MDR1/CEA/HC Clear/ PRA carrier (not affected)

CERF Exams- Clear ( 2018)
OFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal

Monte's job at the house: sleep behind my head......

AP Ranch Dancin' the Night Away ("Peyton")
( Born on Super Bowl Sunday...)
Peyton is a lovely and gentle soul, Blue Merle and Black, genetic tested and CERF screened.17 inches at the shoulder, 28 pounds.  She is active but has such a very sweet disposition and passes that loving disposition and those piercing blue eyes to her puppies.
17 inches
28 pounds ( of love!)
Paw Print Genetics Breed Panel- Clear
OFA Hips Good/ Elbows Normal
CERF Exams - Clear (2018)

Peyton's new job....emotional support for my veterinary student!!!

" I'm Your Huckleberry".... call name Dillon ( D Bug, D Boy, D Man , the Big D, The Marshall!)
AKC Miniature American Shepherd.
Welcome to the clan, Dillon!
What we love about this boy.......He has a sweet, lower drive disposition, a beautiful coat, lovely movement, good ear set and great bone...and those freckles!!!
18 inches and 42 pounds, he is a hunka hunka burnin' love for sure!
Clear MDR1/PRA/HC/CEA......HU Carrier ( not affected)
OFA hips/patellas/elbows preliminary good
OFA Eye/CERF clear

AKC  Double M Ranch "Come'n Marshall Give Miss Kitty a Kiss" AKA Kitty.. Paw Print Full Aussie Panel clear, OFA elbows clear/ OFA hips clear/CERF clear..Kitty Kat is little but sassy, 14 inches and 25 pounds. 

Dam: AP Ranch "Dancin' the Night Away"

Sire: AP Ranch " Oso Beary Blue"

Genetic  Testing -Clear by Parentage

OFA Hips clear/Elbows clear

CERF- clear


Our newest girl, KickinAuss Nala Pride and Joy, "Sadie". We are so excited to add this lovely girl to our showing, she is as sweet as she is pretty. Sire: CH KickinAuss Destiny's Boot Scooin' Booty PT SWN CGC Dam: Kickinauss Jacket's Precious Treasure.  All tests pending.

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